The Windows Store version of OSM IQ follows the same idea as the desktop version - To search and explore the content of the Open Street Map database. The RT version has less functions but is optimized for touchscreens. The default position is derived for the GPS sensor of the device. This makes OSM IQ RT ideal for mobile usage.

On the main page you center the map on your current position or scan for objects close to the mapcenter.

Main page of OSM IQ 2go

Scanning leads to a list of searchable key value pairs. Semantic zoom can be used to change form key-value-pairs to an overview of key-groups.


Click on an item in the list and the app starts to search for OSM objects tagged with the key or key-value-pair in your environment. The scan stops when a significant amount of objects was found. All results are listed in the result view. Clicking on an item shows further details. But it is also possible to draw all items on the map.

From the app bar you can clear all objects displayed on the map or click on an object to get to the feature detail page. If available the name, address, webpage and further key-value-pairs are displayed.

If the list of searchable key-value-pairs does not contain the feature you are searching for - extend the list

Download for Windows 8.1 is available in the Windows Store.